Wi-Fi Consultancy

Wi-Fi Consultancy

Get your Wi-Fi network running smoothly with our expert Wi-Fi surveys. Our experienced technicians will analyse your wireless signals, identify any potential problems and provide recommendations for optimisation. Get connected today!

We can identify poor coverage in your exsisting Wireless coverage and recommend locations torelocate Access points or provide additional hardware.

Are you frustrated with poor WiFi reception in various areas of your company? Are you fed up with hours wasted troubleshooting and trying to figure out where to prioritise upgrades? Don’t worry, because we offer a quick and easy solution.

Our service eliminates the guesswork when it comes to  your Wi-Fi network’s effectiveness so you can get back to attending more important matters.

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Is your business ready for the future? Stay ahead of the competition with our IT consulting services.

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Discover the latest tech solutions for your business. From software to IT services. 

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Our Benefits

  • Detailed accurate surveys
  • Detailed heatmap reports
  • Post survey consultancy session to discuss options.
What are the benefits of taking the survey?

Having a wifi survey done for your business can help you stay connected to customers and increase satisfaction.

After the walk round survey, a report will be created that provides a full account of the survey. This may take 24 to 48 hours to prepare, and you will be sent a report about this by email. A consultant can then reserve an hour to discuss and consider your new or existing options.

Wi-Fi Surveys are very detailed and thorough. Our surveyor will access every room and area that you require WIFI coverage and take a number of readings. Dependant on the size of your premises this can take between a few hours or over a day to avoid too much inconvenience.