Data Backup

Data Backup

Data loss can be an unexpected and devastating event. When equipment fails, fires occur, or malicious activity occurs it can set your operations back months or even years if not prepared. But being fully prepared doesn’t have to be a challenge.

Your company's data is vulnerable to cyber attacks.

Data loss can be catastrophic to any business, with costs from lost productivity, data recreation and lawsuits being extremely high. But having your vital corporate data backed up securely doesn't have to be an enormous headache. Introducing Business Protect Backup – a cost-effective solution to secure both onsite and offsite data backup for speedy recovery and disaster recovery respectively. Our system guarantees the integrity of your data through multiple layers of encryption across certain systems, aiding in compliance with ever changing regulatory requirements.

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Our Benefits

  • Local on site backups for speed
  • Offsite backups for resilience
  • Increased reliability and availability
What is 3-2-1 backup?

Secure your data with 3-2-1 Backup! This innovative cloud-based service provides reliable and convenient backup solutions to help protect your valuable files from disasters, malware, ransomware and other cyber threats. With three copies of your data stored at two distinct locations -- one in the cloud and the other on an external storage device - you can rest assured that any changes or losses will be detected quickly and easily recoverable.

3-2-1 backup is an innovative and reliable way to ensure the safety of your data. It provides a secure three-step process for backing up critical information, which is key in today’s digital age. With 3-2-1 backup, you can rest assured that your important documents and files are stored securely both onsite and offsite for easy access if needed.