Recommended Technology Platform

Recommended Technology

Below is our detail of our recommended technology to ensure you maximise productivity and reduce frustration. The specification is based on normal administrative use.


Intel i7 CPU

Hard Drive Storage

500 GB SSD ( Solid State Drive)


16GB of RAM

Operating Syatem

Windows 10/11 Professional ( Allows hard drive encryption)

This ROI calculator helps business owners see the financial benefits of upgrading old hardware to new hardware. By entering a few details, you can calculate how many weeks it will take for the time savings from reduced daily problem-solving to cover the cost of the new hardware. This upgrade can save valuable time, reduce employee frustration, improve morale, and lower overall business costs.

ROI Calculator

Based on 30 minutes lost time per day to slow or unreliable old hardware. The calculator calculates over 48 working weeks of a year allowing for holidays.